24th September 2019

Britain Gallery, online magazine on the UK

Arundel Castle from the Arun River, Sussex


Britain Gallery is a portal to the UK.

It has maps and descriptions of regions of Britain and England, districts, cities.

  • If you travel around Britain, you'll find here travel advice and guides.
  • If you are a student from abroad, Britain Gallery contains both interesting and practical information for your life in the UK.
  • And, whether you are born and bred British and your family has been around for generations or you just live here, there is a lot of information, bargains, free stuff, food for thought and debate for you too in the travel, shopping and British life pages.

Special pages are dedicated to hotels and other accommodation in different areas, towns and cities, divided by budget type and price from luxury to medium price to cheap.

UK Hotels

To find hotels, holiday flats or any other accommodation, use the search box on the top left and enter your desired location, for a city, town or area.

London Big Ben by Night


The hotel pages contain various hotels with detailed descriptions, photos and prices, to make it easier for you to compare them and choose your hotel, and ways to book them.

If you have some shopping to do, Britain Gallery has consumers information, shopping and discounts pages.

The section on British Life has articles on society, economy, politics, current issues, discussions, trends, topics of interest, culture, the country and its people.


Yorkshire Coast


Finally, if it's London in particular that you are interested in, go to our special section on London areas, postcodes & attractions covering London tourist attractions, districts, shopping, as well hotels in London by area, price and other requirements.



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