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TalkTalk has a current offer of up to 8Mb Broadband for free when a customer signs up to the Talk3 International phone tariff, which gives unlimited number of inclusive calls to any local and national UK landline number, anytime, international landline calls to 28 mainland countries worldwide. TalkTalk is the home phone and broadband company from The Carphone Warehouse, and it guarantees to be cheaper than BT. Broadband available to 70% of the UK.

Strong point: Free high-speed (8Mb) broadband if taken in conjunction with home phone.

BT Total Broadband

BT Total Broadband has several packages of different prices to choose from, all high-speed at 8Mb, all strong on online security with Security software included in the price, all with free internet voice calls included in the price. Free video calls are also included in the price of some packages.

Strong point: up to £40 cashback if you switch from another provider. Good value fast connection broadband, with other software and services included in the price.

Telewest Broadband

Telewest blueyonder broadband Internet, phone services and digital TV

From Telewest you can get award-winning blueyonder broadband, phone services and digital TV (over 40 to 100 digital channels). You can choose them either in a bundle, or just any of them separately. A bundle obviously is cheaper.
Signing up from its website gives you further discounts.

Strong point: internet, TV and telephone provider, with the choice of packages or separate services. Substantial savings for buying online.


ONSPEED software - broadband benefits at less cost increasing Internet connection speeds

Onspeed is a revolutionary new software that gives you some of the benefits of broadband at a lesser cost. Onspeed works with any Internet connection and ISP. There are no ties, no contract, no set-up fee.
For about £2 a month, it will increase your existing Internet connection speed by up to 5 times. Web pages that normally take 13 seconds to load will load in less than 4 seconds. Onspeed will also speed up broadband connections by up to 3 times. The most dramatic effect is with GPRS mobile phone connections, with speed improvements averaging 300 - 600%. It was voted Technical product of the year behind i-Tunes by Computer Active and Future UK Internet Awards.

Strong point: some benefits of broadband spending less, with no ties and no contract.


Toucan Broadband and Dial-up Internet, Home and Mobile phone

Toucan can give you broadband access on its own, but is also a way to save money with packages. You'll save on your Internet, Home and Mobile phone bills. Toucan offers Broadband and Dial-up Internet, home telephone services, line rental, and mobile phone service, all at low prices. Toucanís Unlimited Broadband is particularly good value. It is one of the UK's fastest growing communications providers.

Strong point: internet and telephone provider in one package, with savings on both services. Stand-Alone Broadband is inexpensive as well.


Boltblue broadband

Boltblue broadband gives different connection speeds, all starting at the same low price. It offers a lot of freebies included in the package, among which free mobile entertainment, free text messaging, free weblog and others. In addition, if you join the Boltblue Club, you get a free download or 60 free SMS. Boltblue Club is a weekly subscription service with unlimited access to over 35,000 mobile content downloads, including MP3, ringtones and many others.

Strong point: low price, freebies included, access to MP3 and other mobile downloads through the Boltblue Club.

Fasthosts Broadband access packages

Fasthosts, the largest UK web hosting company, also offers broadband access. There are various broadband packages, all with: #No ties, Just a one month minimum contract for new connections. #Unlimited downloads, no download limits, no time limits. #No restrictions, unlike most broadband internet providers they let you do what you want with your broadband connection. #Free migration, move your broadband internet to Fasthosts with no setup fees. #Backup local-rate dialup internet access included.

Strong point: no tie, only one month minimum contract for broadband.

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Tips on how to choose a Broadband Internet Service Provider. 5 things you need to know.

  1. There is an inverse proportion between the price of the broadband service and the minimum length of contract, ie the shorter the minimum contract the higher the price.
    This is indeed understandable, because they give away offers like free modem, router etc, so they need a one-year contract to avoid losses and make a profit.
    One-month contract is obviously the bare minimum, because you pay broadband monthly, but they will tend to be more expensive if they give you a 1-month contract.
  2. Make sure that you choose an established company that has been around for some time. Some of the newest companies might go bankrupt or disappear and leave you with nothing. It happened to me a few years ago with BigBlueSky, a company based in Scotland, although the money was refunded under the Consumer Credit Act because it had been paid with a credit card (that acts as a guarantee). In fact, the price was too cheap to be credible (£25 for a year broadband).
  3. Broadband companies will let you terminate your contract earlier than agreed if you upgrade your package with them, but they will require you to take another 12 months contract with the new package.
  4. Read the small print, although most companies will say clearly in big letters that there is a minimum one-year contract.
  5. As with many other things, remember that cheaper is not necessarily better value. A Broadband Provider has to offer a reliable service that does not let you down when you need it, has to have a good customer support, be easy and quick to contact by phone, promptly respond e-mails, and obviously the connection speed is an important consideration. Otherwise, if you base your choice of a provider only on price, you'll end up spending more in Internet cafes because you can't use it or on phone bills trying in vain to contact them.

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