24th September 2019


London - Trafalgar Square by night

London - Trafalgar Square

London. You'll find everything here. What more do you want? The most varied places, activities, events, covering all interests. Historic buildings, castles, palaces, cathedrals, national art galleries, private art collections, spectacular parks and gardens.

Are you a film buff? Visit the National Film Theatre. A sport fanatic? The Wimbledon Tennis Museum is for you. Do you like crime stories? Go for a Jack the Ripper's London walk in the East End. New art? The Tate Modern. Be carried to the top by the London Eye.

Places of scientific interest, cultural entertainment, street fashion, ethnic carnivals, breathtaking sights of London from river cruises, pop concerts, interactive entertainment, ships, astronomic observatories, wax works, the list is endless.

If you are shopping, check out our advice guide London Cheap Shopping, for savings, bargains and spending as little as possible in the capital.


For central London, the main postcodes are:


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