30th September 2014

UK cheap computers of good quality. Tips on how to find them

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Direct sales from giant computer manufacturers like Dell

There are two kinds of people: those who buy computers in high street shops, and those who know better.

The only possible reason to buy your PC in a store is because you are a total novice, and you need someone to hold your hand, figuratively speaking.

Cheap Dell laptop computerBut you will rarely find great value and good deals in shops. Either you will pay an exorbitant price or you will not find an interesting computer system.

The cognoscenti have, in the past, stuck to direct-sales giants like Dell Computers , who tailor competitively-priced systems to order, letting you mix and match the specifications you want.
This is still an excellent way to buy a good quality computer cheaply.
There are no shops involved, which obviously cuts the costs of the middleman; you deal directly with Dell.
Dell remains the world's number 1 PC company and direct-sale computer vendor.
The lastest special offers and deals are online, so check the Dell website to be always up-to-date.
Dell offers discounts for buying through its website.
By buying directly from the manufacturer you'll know that, if nothing else, you're getting the best options, including warranty coverage, technical support, and range of inventory.


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Internet bargains & discounters websites without sacrificing quality

Another smart way is to buy a PC from the internet, where there is a wealth of extraordinary gems to be bagged. You have to know how to find them, of course, and here are some tips.

The strategy is a basic one: wind up at the right end of the food chain.
Let me explain.

The PC industry works differently from the others. Most consumer goods are priced low when they are first launched on the market in order to tempt customers, then their prices rise steadily until the time, perhaps a couple of years after their appearance, when they are sold off cheaply to make way for a replacement product.

Computers do exactly the opposite. They are practically old the minute after they were made. They fetch the highest possible price at the moment of their launch, then their prices steadily decrease until, not even a year after their first appearance as the cutting-edge, state-of-the-art thing to have, they end up in the bargain lot of a discounter's website.
How many times have you bought one of these newly-launched, fantastic, powerful systems or gadgets, the last word in technology, only to discover that a month later you could have had a more advanced product for the same price?

It may seem absurd, but it does not matter. What matters is that you can use this mechanism to your benefit.

What you need is one of yesterday's star players, with its brief career of glamour behind it but with still a lot to offer. In that way you save money without losing anything in terms of quality.

It's irrelevant to you that the PC you are buying is not the last word in computer technology: what's important for you is that it does all you need and even more.

UK cheap computers. Bargain desktop PCThe best deals come and go very quickly, as big companies liquidate excess stock or end-of-line items which are often really good pieces of hardware.

The secret is: know where to look.
Empire Direct , Misco IT Solutions , Dabs and Tesco Eletrical Warehouse online are a good starting point.

PC World website is a place where you can find some of the best PC bargains. Here, in the cheap computers empire, computers plummet in price quickly, as they reach the end of the line.

Cheap laptop from MiscoThe best way to proceed is this. First, decide what specifications suit your needs. Set the minimum specifications you want and the price you are willing to pay.
Then, get online, visiting the websites suggested above, and you will see that the market already has the goods for you. You will find them more quickly than you think.

The happiest season for PC bargain-hunting is especially at the end of the summer, when computer manufacturers rotate their lines to make way for Christmas stock.
Practically all their current inventory will be replaced by the new December models.

PC systems go on sale during the holiday season and just before students return to school in late summer and early autumn. You can have big discounts and free upgrades.

The cunning people, the clever customers, the ones who understand how the system works will be the ones to reap the rewards.


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